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USC Earth Sciences Graduate Program Supplemental Application Form

This is the supplemental application to apply for the USC Earth Sciences Graduate Program.  You should have already completed and submitted the official USC Graduate program application already before completing this portion.

In this portion, you can choose up to three (3) potential faculty advisors, in order of preference.  Please visit the faculty or research sections of our website to see which faculty may match up with your area of interest.

Starting Term: *Spring applicants - see below.
First Name:
Last Name:
E-mail (same as USC application):
Research area of interest:
Faculty advisor preference 1:
Faculty advisor preference 2:
Faculty advisor preference 3:

Please review your information before submitting. You can only submit once. If you need to correct previous submissions, please e-mail

* Spring applicants should e-mail your AYID and advisor preferences directly to
** Ocean Sciences applicants do not need to select a preferred advisor from this list. The program director will review and distribute all OS applications.