Undergraduate Theses


Bridget Hellige
Coming Soon
(advised by Prof. Josh West)


Gregory  Hufford
Supply-limited Weathering Following Snowball Earth
(advised by Profs. Josh West and Frank Corsetti)


Robert MacKay
Calculating Offsets From The East- Ern Garlock Fault Using Lidar And The Ladicaoz Graphical User Inter- Face
(advised by Prof. James Dolan)


Alexa Sieracki
Unraveling Our Human History:  Habitats of Early Hominid Evolution
Analysis of the d13C Values of Plant Leaf Waxes in a Marine Sediment Core

(advised by Prof. Sarah Feakins).


Max Wagner
O Variation as a climate and lake level indicator in an Eocene Green River Formation
(Advised by Prof. Corsetti)




Travis Dagdigian
Hopefully coming soon
(advised by Prof. West)


Jack Seeley
Unraveling Our Human History:  Habitats of Early Hominid Evolution - Analysis of the d13C Values of Plant Leaf Waxes in a Marine Sediment Core
(advised by Prof. Sarah Feakins)


Emily Van Guilder

Strain Rates and Crustal Thickening in the Mesozoic Sierran Arc, California:  Thesis plus appendix

(advised by Prof. Scott Paterson)


Natalie Ballew
Quantifying Discharge in the Kosñipata-Madre de Dios River System, Peru
(advised by Prof. West)

Brittany Gelbach
Tectonic Implications of Geochronology and Geochemistry from Metasedimentary and Metavolcanic Units in the Iron Mountain Pendant, Central Sierra Nevada, California
(advised by Prof. Paterson)

Kathleen M. Harazin
Submarine Reserves of Liquid CO2 and Glacial/interglacial Atmospheric CO2 Variability: Using Foraminiferal Trace Elements to Investigate the Last Deglaciation
(advised by Prof. Stott)

Jill Hardy
(Coming soon)
(advised by Prof. Emile-Geay)

David Horrell
Unfolding the Tectonic History of Joshua Tree National Park: A Structural and Petrologic Analysis of the JohnnyLand Canyon Region
(advised by Prof. Paterson)

Erin B. Schuster
Ammonoid Ecology of the Pennsylvanian Epoch
(advised by Prof. Bottjer)

Tiffany Tsai
Development of a Tropical Coral Database for Paleoclimate Reconstruction
(advised by Prof. Emile-Geay)

Andrew Whitesides

The Northern Continuation of the Sierra Crest Shear Zone

(advised by Prof. Paterson)

Marlo R. Gawey
Growth and respiration of Microbes Subjected to Nutrient or Oxygen Pulses
(advised by Prof. Berelson)

John Christopher Rollins
Coulomb Stress Changes Imparted by Simulated M>7 Earthquakes to Major Fault Surfaces in Southern California
(advised by Prof. Jordan)

Harris Talsky
Emanation Rates of Radon and Radium from Coastal Sands: A tool for estimating seawater circulation rates through permeable sediments
(advised by Prof. Hammond)

Trevor Thomas
Defining the Moho Boundary Using Earthquake PmP Reflections in order to Investigate Arc-continent Collisional Deformation within Taiwan
(advised by Prof. Okaya)

Kevin Bartell
Groundwater, Chemical Weathering and Stable Isotopes of the Sierra Nevada’s Kern
River and its Drainage Basins
(advised by Prof. Hammond)

Holly MacGillivray
The Sub-Volcanic Chamber as a Chemical Filter between Volcanics and Deeper Pluton Sources in a Tilted Continental Margin Arc in Mongolia (advised by Prof. Paterson)

Jeffrey Mulvihill
Assessing the Viability of Magnetic Susceptibility as a Subsurface Imaging Technique and as a Proxy for Paleoclimate
(advised by Prof. Dolan)

Austin J. Elliott
Using Measured Slip Distributions to Explain Cessation or Continuation of Earthquake Rupture at Fault Jogs
(advised by Prof. Dolan)

Bradford Foley
The Generation of Plate Tectonics From Visco-Plastic Mantle Convection Models: The Effect of Rheology, Geometry, Rayleigh Number, and Heating Mode
(advised by Prof. Becker)

Abraham J. Padilla
Detailed Mapping and Aluminum-in-Hornblende Thermobarometry of Enclave-Rich Mega-Plume in the Gobi-Tienshan Intrusive Complex, Southern Mongolia
(advised by Profs. Anderson and Paterson)

Jeffrey M. Thompson
Geologic and Geochronologic Constraints on the Mojave-Snow Lake Fault, Central Sierra Nevada, California
(advised by Prof. Paterson)

Meghan Gray
Estimated Puerto Rican Rainfall Variability through the Little Ice Age and its implication for sustained long term shifts in the ITCZ
(advised by Prof. Stott)

Rebecca Gallagher
Biogenic Silica Burial Efficiency in Cascadia Basin Sediments
(advised by Prof. Hammond)

Amelia Paukert
Dissolved Oxygen Budgets and Their Correlation to Silica Budgets in the Cascadia Basin
(advised by Prof. Hammond)

Matthew Smith
Factors Affecting Image Compression as a Tool for Identifying Biosignatures:  A Series of Experiments
(advised by Prof. Corsetti)


Unpublished USC Dissertations and Senior Theses  

  1. Economos, R. 2009: Architectural, Geochemical and Rheological variations in the vertical dimension in a continental margin arc: Structure and geochemistry of the Gobi-Tienshan Intrusive Complex, Mongolia. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Southern California.  Two undergraduates involved in research.
  2. Memeti, V. 2009:Construction of the Cretaceous Tuolumne batholith magma chamber and synchronous regional tectonics, Sierra Nevada, CA: A coupled system in a magmatic arc setting. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Southern California. Numerous undergraduates involved in research.
  3. Gelbach, L. Brittany, (underway at USC)
  4. Gross, Ben(underway at Washington University). Single mineral geochemistry: implications for magmatic processes in the Tuolumne Batholith, California.
  5. Enriquez, Marcus(underway at Cal State LA)
  6. Lodewyk, Jessica(underway at Washington University). Emplacement mechanisms and growth of magmatic lobes around the Tuolumne Batholith