GEOL 107-L Oceanography – This course is offered every semester by myself, Professor Berelson or Professor Lund.  This is a General Education Category III science class. The course provides an introductory overview of the various aspects of oceanography. Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

GEOL 412 Oceans, Environment & Climate – offered every other year. Upper division course on the climate system, atmosphere, ocean and environment. Available for major credit in Earth Sciences and Environmental Studies. Required course in the climate track of the ENST program. Engineering and Business students – this is a great elective class if you have an interest in the climate system.

GEOL 575 Organic Geochemistry – offered every other year. Advanced course on the fundamentals and frontiers of organic geochemistry. Topics include biomarker and isotope geochemical approaches to reconstructing past marine and terrestrial environmental change.