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Thursday, Oct 5 from 7-8.30: Climate Change Cliff Notes
Watch the livestream of “Climate Change Cliff Notes” panelists Michael Mann, Sarah Feakins, and Daniel Swain, moderated by Bob Lalasz. This event is sold out at the Tar Pitts, but you can watch the livestream from 7-8.30 pm! This is part of the La Brea Tar Pitts Climate Series for the Ages.  This entire series is an experiment on climate communication, and active research is being conducted in the process.

Wednesday, Oct 11th at 5.30 pm in HNB100

CAR-T Immunotherapy discussion with Brian Leung 

This upcoming cancer therapeutic technique uses the patient’s own immune cells. It has captured the attention of the healthcare field due to some of the remarkable results gathered from clinical trials. Come learn more about CAR-T from Brian Leung (USC Neuroscience grad student) and the USC Science Policy Group! This will include an overview, ethical discussion and an open discussion. Refreshments and lively debate will be provided!

Wednesday, Oct 18th in ZHS130

Letter writing to your representatives

Dr. Monalisa Chatterjee and Dr. Kate Svyatets from the Environmental Studies Program are offering a summer class (2018). The class will explore how science informs policy with an emphasis on climate change and other environmental issues. It’s a four week class, with two weeks in NYC/D.C. to meet with policy makers (at the United Nations, World Bank, EPA, etc) working on environmental aspects. The class is open to undergraduate and graduate students (Masters and PhDs) of all majors. They are happy to answer any questions. Email svyatets@usc.edu or monalisc@usc.edu for more information — they are happy to answer any questions you have!
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