Professor of Earth Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Southern California
MC0740, Los Angeles CA 90089-0740
thorstinski at gmail dot com

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My main research interests are in geodynamics and seismology with focus on the interactions between mantle convection and surface tectonics. I am fascinated by the inner workings of terrestrial planets, and how their mantle and surface systems have co-evolved over time.

We combine field, laboratory, and numerical approaches into dynamical models, focusing on the physics of plate tectonics, from grain-scale deformation to plate-scale flow. Recent research projects include work on seismic anisotropy, mantle heat transport and the mechanics of plate tectonics, subduction dynamics, and fault system mechanics.

My teaching interests include Engineering Geology, Geophysics, Mechanics of Lithospheric Deformation, Quantitative Methods in the Earth Sciences, Numerical Geodynamics, The Mantle System, and the Solid Earth Research and Teaching Environment (SEATREE). We have research opportunities for highly motivated undergrad and grad (PhD) students.

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Updated: March 03, 2016.