MDA 125: Earth History

  Name ______________________

 Dr. Hammond

  December 16, 1996

 Exam III

 Total Points = 62

I. Quickies: Fill in the blank spaces with the word, number, or phrase that is most appropriate. Give units where necessary. (19 pts, one per blank)

II. Matchmaking: Match each item in the left column with the most appropriate description in the right column (choose only one). Letters from the right may be used more than once if you wish. (7 pts)
 _______ eukaryotes   a. genes
 _______ prokaryotes   b. angiosperm
 _______ primates   c. gymnosperm
 _______ brachiopods  d. has nucleus
 _______ grass  e. lacks nucleus
 _______ DNA  f. metazoan
 _______ foraminifera  g. saprophyte
  h. protist
i. shell symmetry
j. opposable thumb

III. Key Arguments (6 points)

a) Briefly compare the ideas of Lamarck and Darwin regarding evolution

b) List two mechanisms suggested as causes of climate change.

V. Detective Work. It is thought that the following events observed in the fossil record were facilitated by a major change in the earth's environment. Identify the change and indicate what (if any) independent evidence exists that this change occurred. (10 points)

a) Dinosaurs die

b) Land Plants first appear

c) Mammals become widespread

d) Man enters N. America

e) Anthropoids descend from trees


VI. Geoart (12 pts)