Cool Earth Science Sites for GEOL 125


Earth Science Tours

Earthquakes - UK

Volcanoes - Dartmouth

Paleontology - UCB

Paleontology - Subway tour

Mars Tour

Extinctions, Evolution and Life

Government Agencies






USGS Geochem

Chemistry- MIT

Global Warming

Hubble Telescope Images

Recent Science News from ABC

Stuff you can use

Weather Check out the forecast

SIO Surf Check out the forecast

Make your own mapYou can make your own map with topography, geological features, and rivers by just specifying the region coordinates and selecting the features you want.

Shaded Relief MapsCall up relief maps, satellite images, etc. of your part of the US. Site designed by Applied Physics Lab of Johns Hopkins.


El Nino

Atmospheric CO2 Here is the scary curve from Mauna Loa.

Ice Core Records Here is the scary curve from recent ice cores.

Gateways to Other Sites

Ocean and Climate Data Lots of data

Science Sites One to explore for all kinds of science stuff

Virtual Field Trips Richard Robinson's Trips

Hydrothermal Vents See a Black Smoker and Exotic Seafood in Action

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