Grand Canyon Geology

and a Few Friends

Photos by D. Hammond from July, 2000 Trip

Thanks to Myron, Cynthia, and High Desert Adventures

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Scenery, Geology, and Craftsmanship

Pages of History

Grand Canyon from Anasazi Ruins

Lava Canyon - 1 by old basalt

Great Unconformity in Blacktail Canyon - Tapeats sandstone (0.6 by) overlies Vishnu schist (1.8 by). Over a billion years of record are missing


Sally's Castle

Master Craftsman Jack Jr. Makes Hightech Repairs

The Rock girl

A few friends to share the trip

The Group

John's dry humor

Mary's wet humor

Trivia champs

Chicago's Finest

Now, what mile was that?

Georgia Peach

A Big John fish story?

The Brink Boyz

Who are those masked men?

Little Colorado Sauna

Trusty Guides

Kamikazee Pilot

Geologic Paradise

Little Colorado Fish

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