Adobe Systems

James F. Dolan


Zumberge Hall, ZHS 111

University of Southern California,

3651 Trousdale Parkway,

Los Angeles, CA 90089

Office phone #: (213) 740-8599

Fax #: (213) 740-8801


My main research interests: Spatial and temporal patterns of earthquake occurrence, collective behavior of regional fault systems, transient strain accumulation and release, structural geology of active and ancient faults & folds, seismic hazard assessment, controls on earthquake nucleation, propagation, and arrest, discreteness of deformation in the lithosphere.


Some of the techniques we use: Tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismologic trenching, analysis of LiDAR airborne laser swath mapping digital topographic data, cosmogenic dating, high-resolution seismic reflection imagery, paleoseismologic trenching, and good old-fashioned field mapping.

Looking east along the North Anatolian fault at Eksik, Turkey. See Kozaci et al. (2007) for the results of our slip rate study at this site.