Dr. A. Joshua West


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Southern California, having relocated from Oxford University (UK) in January 2010. My position means that I teach undergraduate and graduate students, conduct research along with a group of co-workers here in LA and further afield, and try to help make the University a better learning environment! I am affiliated with the USC Environmental Studies program, an undergraduate program emphasizing education in the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems.

My area of speciality focuses on the chemical processes operating at the Earth’s surface -- an area known as low-temperature geochemistry. Understanding these processes is a critical scientific problem, fundamental to questions ranging from how the planet’s carbon cycle works to what determines the characteristics of important natural resources, such as soils and groundwaters. My research group is particularly interested in how chemical and physical processes are related, and much of our research lies at the intersection of geochemistry with geomorphology, the study of the shape of the Earth’s surface. Our research approach combines fieldwork, lab analysis, and data modeling.

More technical details on this research can be found elsewhere on this website. If you think this looks interesting, I encourage enquiries from anyone.... and particularly from other scientists who may be interested in joining our group as a student or post-doctoral researcher.


Zinsmeyer Early Career Chair in Environmental Geochemistry

Department of Earth Sciences,

University of Southern California,

3651 Trousdale Pkwy,

Los Angeles, CA 90089 USA


ph. +1-213-740-6736


I am looking for prospective students (undergraduate and graduate) and postdocs to join our exciting new laboratory here at the University of Southern California. There many opportunities so please get in touch if think you may be interested in our work.