Dr. A. Joshua West

Research Group

At the heart of my research program is the group of undegraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral scholars who all work with me - often in collaboration with other senior scientists at USC and elsewhere.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Current postdocs

Mathieu Dellinger (2013 PhD, IPGP, France): started at USC in June 2014 as is working on Li isotopes in carbonates as a record of seawater composition and past variability in chemical weathering on the continents

Past postdocs

Camilo Ponton (2012 PhD, MIT/WHOI): postdoc with me and Prof. Sarah Feakins for 2013 calendar year, worked on using biomarker isotopes to trace organicy matter erosion in the Andes-Amazon; currently a postdoc with Prof. Feakins at USC

Marie-Laure Bagard (2010 PhD, Strasbourg, France): postdoc with me in 2011-2012, worked on Li isotopes signature of submarine groundwater discharge; currently a research associate at the Open University, UK

Undergraduate Students

Current undergraduate research students

David (Zhenyu) Fu (2016-2017 Senior Thesis) is working on models for discharge in unguaged basins in Peru

Roxanne Lai (2016-2017 Senior Thesis) is working on age dating of alluvial fans in Mongolia using cosmogenic Be-10

Past undergraduate research students

Ellie Hara (2015-2016 Senior Thesis) worked on organic carbon burial following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China

Renee Wang (2015-2016 Senior Thesis) worked on trace metal release associated with mining in the Peruvian Amazon, and on techniques for preparing samples for organic C analysis

Bridget Hellige (2012-2013 Senior Thesis; currently teacher with Teach for America): worked on trace metal release afters fires in southern California

Greg Hufford (2012-2013 Senior Thesis; currently MS student at Colorado School of Mines): worked on weathering after Snowball Glaciations with me and Prof. Frank Corsetti

Nathalie Ballew (2011-2012 Senior Thesis; currently MS student at University of Texas, Austin): worked on hydrology of rivers in the Andes-Amazon

Travis Dagdigian (2011-2012 Senior Thesis): worked on dissolution of olivine under plants

PhD Sudents

Current PhD students at USC

Gen Li (started Fall 2011) works on the geomorphic and geochemical effects of the Wenchuan earthquake

Max Dahlquist (started Fall 2013) works on erosion and topography of the Banda Arc collision in eastern Indonesia

Kirstin Washington (started Fall 2013) works on isotopic proxies of chemical weathering

Jessica Stellman (starting Fall 2014; jointly advised by Prof. Thorsten Becker) is working on models of the long-term carbon cycle

Emily Burt (starting Fall 2015) is working on hydrology and hydrochemistry in the Peruvian Andes

Paul Quackenbush (starting Fall 2016) is working on landslides, erosion, and the role of weathering in rock strength in the Nepal Himalaya

Past PhD students

Paulina Pinedo-Gonzalez (PhD 2016; jointly advised by Prof. Sergio Sañudo-Wilhemy; currently a postdoc at USC) worked on trace metals in the oceans and rivers, and the colloidal association of metals

Mark Torres (PhD 2015; currently a postdoc at Caltech and starting a faculty job at Rice in 2017) worked on chemical weathering using field and laboratory experiments

Kathryn Clark (Oxford PhD 2014; currently a postdoc at University of Pennsylvania) worked on hydrology and organic carbon transport in the Andes of Peru

Past Master's students

Eric Kleinsasser (Masters 2016; currently a high school teacher in LA) worked on the surface chemistry of mineral weathering using NMR techniques

Long-term visitors/collaborators

Nils Moosdorf (Universität Hamburg, Germany) as DAAD postdoctoral exchange fellow in 2013

Jens Hartmann (Universität Hamburg, Germany) in 2012, 2013

Gaojun (G.-J.) Li (Nanjing University, China) in 2012

Kathryn, Josh, Mark, and Camilo (from left to right) while visiting Incan ruins near Pisac, Peru during the 2013 meeting of the Andes Biodiversity of Ecosystems Research Group, prior to a group fieldwork expedition in the Andes and Amazon