Dr. A. Joshua West

Teaching Overview

I teach large, general education classes that are designed for students from all subjects and all backgrounds, including scientists and engineers but also humanities, business, and arts students, amongst others. I also teach smaller specialized classes, often with enrollments of 10-20 students or fewer, and designed for students with a scientific background.

Introductory/General Eduction Courses

GEOL 105: Planet Earth -- Introductory geology course covering the structure and evolution of planet earth. For anyone with an interest in what our planet is like, how it came to be as it is, and what that tells us about our dependence on it! I last taught this in 2010.

GEOL 241: The Future of Energy -- An overview of energy: how much we use, where we get it today, and where we might get it in the future. Securing future energy supply is one of society's most pressing challenges, and this course is for anyone from engineers to artists who is interested in this subject.

Advanced/Specialized Courses

GEOL 460: Geochemistry -- An advanced undergraduate/ graduate course providing an overview of contemporary problems in geochemistry, ranging from composition and origin of the Earth to aqueous geochemistry and global biogeochemical cycles. I jointly teach this class with Professor Doug Hammand.

GEOL/ENST 470: Environmental Hydrogeology -- An introduction to the scientific basis for udnersranding water as a resource, with a strong field and lab based emphasis. An important class for students who may be considering a career in the environmental sector.

GEOL 564: Isotope Geochemistry -- This is an advanced class in isotopes for graduate students, which I jointly teach with Professor Hammond.

GEOL 566: Geochemistry Seminar -- A graduate student seminer involving readings from the recent literature and weekly discussions, and a semester research project.

Hands-on Learning

Engaging students through experiential learning is basic to my teaching philosophy, and my classes all involve a significant component of learning in the lab and on field trips. You can read more about some of the field trips and see photos here...