Peer-Reviewed Articles

Manuscripts in Preparation

Ahn, S., D. Khider., L. Lisiecki, C. Lawrence. A probabilistic Pliocene-Pleistocene stack of benthic δ18O using a profile hidden Markov model. To be submitted to Nature Scientific Data.

Khider, D., L. Stott, R. Saikku, J. Partin, C. Jackson, D. E. Hammond, A. Newton, R. Thunell, G. Huerta. Unusual twentieth century warmth within the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool. In Revisions for Nature Communications.

Khider, D., S. Ahn, L. Lisiecki, C. Lawrence, M. Kienast. The role of uncertainty in estimating lead/lag relationships in sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific. In review in Quaternary Science Reviews.

Tems, C., W. Berelson, R. Thunell, E. Tappa, X. Xu, D. Khider, S. Lund, O. Gonzalez-Yajimovich. Sedimentary δ15N reveal decadal fluctuations in the intensity of the eastern tropical north Pacific oxygen minimum zone during the last 1200 years. In review in Paleoceanography. 

Peer-Reviewed Articles

D. Khider, G. Huerta, C. Jackson, L. Stott, J. Emile-Geay. (2015). A Bayesian, multivariate calibration for Globigerinoides ruber Mg/Ca. Geochemistry, Geopshycis, Geosystem. doi:10.1002/2015GC005844 [PDF]

Lin, L., D. Khider, L.E. Lisiecki, C.E. Lawrence. (2014). Probabilistic Sequence Alignment of Stratigraphic Records. Paleoceanography. doi:10.1002/2014PA002713 [PDF]

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