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Katrina EdwardsDr. Edwards views Southern California as a Geobiology Mecca because of the large numbers of diverse geobiology research groups at a number of institutions. This is particularly well exemplified at the University of Southern California itself, with the confluence of near-time and deep-time cutting edge geobiology groups in Biology and Earth and Planetary Sciences, with collaborations extending to Engineering and Dentistry.

Our approaches are based on a fundamental tenet in geology: The present is the key to the past. As such we focus on modern systems with long geological histories, and aim to define specific roles microbes play in processes such as rock and mineral transformations.

In the Edwards Lab, research focuses on the tooth decay of the solid Earth - microbial processes that result in the transformation of rocks, minerals and organic matter. Our emphasis, or primary field sites lie in the deep-ocean where bare rock and minerals undergo alterations at and below the ocean floor.

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