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Dr. Vali Memeti


I study the spatial and compositional evolution of magma plumbing systems and coupled regional tectonics in continental magmatic arcs through time. Specifically, I look at the geochemistry and the magmatic structures of long-lived composite batholiths and plutons and their deformed host rock at mineral to arc scales. I work on determining how magma processes in the lower to upper crust are connected to processes involved in erupting volcanoes at the surface. My interests are in unraveling the time and length scales of batholith construction and evolution by studying smaller domains of large magmatic bodies at different crustal depths and the magmatic processes and histories preserved with element and isotope whole rock and single mineral geochemistry. Constraints for time scales of these chemical and physical processes are determined through precise U/Pb zircon geochronology using modern chemical abrasion ID-TIMS methods. I furthermore emphasize extensive field mapping and detailed field observations as the base of my studies. Other tools I use for my research are igneous and metamorphic petrology, petrography, Al-in-Hornblende thermobarometry, structural geology including microstructures as well as laser ablation ICPMS U/Pb zircon geochronology for provenance studies on large scale tectonic problems. My research on magma plumbing systems has taken me to tilted arc sections throughout California and Western North America in general, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado as well as to the South American Cordillera (Argentina), the European Variscides (France, Germany), and the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (inner Mongolia).




Dr. Vali Memeti


Phone: 213-821-1094

Fax: 213-740-8801


University of Southern California

Department of Earth Science

ZHS 309

Los Angeles, CA 90089-0740