Southwestern USA:
San Andreas plate boundary,
Cenozoic metamorphic core complexes, and Basin & Range

San Andreas - LARSE

The Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment is a cooperative study between the Southern California Earthquake Center (funding from the National Science Foundation) and the U.S. Geological Survey. It is intended to image the crustal structure beneath the greater Los Angeles basin, and in particular, address the questions of depth to Moho, the possible existence of mid-crustal decollements, and the geometry of blind thrust faults. Also, the experiment will provide a 3-D crustal velocity structure for the region - important for improving our understanding of seismic-wave path-effects on strong ground motions accompanying large earthquakes, and for improving microearthquake hypocenter locations.

The basic experiment consisted of three wide-angle reflection - refraction onshore-offshore transects through the Los Angeles region. Field work was conducted in 1994 and 1999.

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  • Colorado River - Core Complexes, CALCRUST & PACE

    Seismic reflection profiling in the eastern California - central Arizona region (Mojave- Sonoran deserts) indicate widespread middle crustal reflectivity. This distribution is interpreted to be related to mid-Tertiary extension which formed the metamorphic core complex belt found southwest of the Colorado Plateau.

    Colorado River - Core complexes, CALCRUST & PACE
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  • Basin & Range

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