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Yaman Ozakin's Hompeyc

Email: ozakin usc edu
Office: 213-740-6754
Member of Yehuda Ben-Zion's Group

Photos from recent field trip to SAFZ on this link

Some Tricks to note

Research Interests

Receiver Function Analysis
Bimaterial Interfaces on Faults
Earthquake Source Mechanisms
Normal Modes and Free Oscillations
Physics of Earthquakes
Artificial Neural Networks
Simple Web Applications for Geophysics:
  Near Real Time EQ Epicenter Map for Turkey


2009 - present:
University of Southern California - Ph. D. in Earth Sciences.
Advisor: Yehuda Ben-Zion.

2007 - 2009:
Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey - Ph. D. in Geophysics.
Advisor: Mustafa Aktar.

2005 - 2007:
Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey - M. Sc. in Geophysics.
Advisor: Mustafa Aktar.

1998 - 2005 (yeah, I know):
Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey - B. Sc. in Physics

Projects Participated

PIRES A permanent seismic array on the Prince Islands offshore Istanbul.

SIMBAAD A temporary seismic network in western Anatolia.

Gokova Project Active faults and present seismic activity in Gokova Bay.

Other Interests


Bogazici University Speleological Club ( BÜMAK )
Bogazici International Speleological Society ( BUMAD )


Yosemite by Birader [jpg], Ballıkayalar (Turkey) by Deniz Erkmen [jpg], Joshua Tree by Zeki Melek [jpg] , [jpg] , [jpg] , [jpg]

3D Animation and Visualization

Study of Hamlin Hall in BU [jpg], balloons [jpg], room [jpg], fluid simulation [mov], my old room [png]




Matlab, Mathematica, Octave


C , C++ (Qt GUI Library)


bash, awk, python


Maya, 3DSMax, ZBrush, Realflow, Amira, Motion Builder, Counter Strike


php, html, javascript, mySql


Wordexcelpowerpoint, LaTeX



Ozakin Y. (2007),
Crustal Structure of Southwestern Anatolia by Receiver Functions, MS Thesis.

Ozakin Y. and Aktar M., (2008),
Crustal Structure of Turkey by Using Receiver Functions, to be submitted to Geophys. J. Int.

M. Bohnhoff, F. Bulut, G. Dresen, E. Gorgun, M. Naumann, M. Aktar, H. Karabulut, D. Childs, Y. Ozakin, 2007,
Seismotectonic setting of the Izmit/Marmara segment of the North Anatolian Fault after the 1999 Izmit earthquake ICDP Workshop 2007: ''Drilling the North Anatolian Fault'', (April 2007, Istanbul).

Paul, A.; Hatzfeld, D.; Karabulut, H.; Hatzidimitriou, P.; Childs, D. M.; Nikolova, S.; Péquegnat, C.; Hubans, F.; Schmid, A.; Aktar, M.; Mutlu, A. K.; Afacan, T.; Ozakin, Y.; Samut, D.; Papazachos, C.; Karagianni, I.; Kementzetzidou, D.; Karagianni, E.; Roumelioti, Z.; Vamvakaris, D.; Scordilis, M.; Lyon-Caen, H.
The SIMBAAD Experiment in W-Turkey and Greece: A Dense Seismic Network to Study the Crustal and Mantle Structures

Gutenberg B., Ozakin Y. and Richter C.F.
A Study of Markov Models


National Geographic Turkey, October 2004, Exploration of EGMA - Deepest (yet) Cave in Turkey (Article by me and Mehmet Doker)

National Geographic Turkey, September 2009, News, Article: Emrah Coraman, Photo: Me

National Geographic Turkey, October 2009 "Yarasa Kolonileri", Article: Emrah Coraman, Photos: Me

"Ailenizin Bilim İnsanları Mağaradan Bildiriyor," A blog about field trips for cave habitat research.