Grad Students

Abby Lunstrum

Grad student

Jaclyn Pittman

Jaclyn is a 2nd year PhD student in Earth Sciences. After graduating from San Diego State University where she studied environmental science and chemistry, she came to USC to learn more about how the seafloor is responding to anthropogenic climate change. She has been part of the Berelson group’s effort to build and test a device that extracts pore water in situ from marine sediments. From the pore water, she measures carbonate chemistry parameters to see how carbonate dissolves on the seafloor, a prominent mechanism through which Earth naturally sequesters CO2.

Sijia Dong

I am a geochemist/oceanographer interested in the marine CaCO3 and alkalinity cycle with a special focus on CaCO3 dissolution. I use different geochemical and oceanographic approaches to constrain natural fluxes, investigate chemical mechanisms, and seek for engineering application for carbon sequestration. I received my doctorate in Berelson lab in August, 2019. I am now a postdoctoral scholar at Caltech.

Undergrad Students

Garrick Lo (Engineering)

Maryana Bonilla-Yanez (ENST)

Rabia Ghulam-Ali (Chemistry)

Rachel Emig (Cinema)


Nick Rollins

Nick Rollins is Professor Berelson’s longtime technician and lab manager. With his Mechanical Engineering background Nick has designed and built numerous ocean sampling and analysis apparatuses and put them to work both at sea and in the lab. Nick is fluent in Matlab and Python and writes a wide range of code including instrument control, data analysis, and modeling. When Nick isn’t in the lab you will probably find him at the beach surfing.

Lab Alumni

Adam Subhas
Grad Student (Caltech)

Caty Tems
Grad Student

John Fleming
Grad Student