Emily H. G. Cooperdock

Assistant Professor

Ryley Collins, PhD student, My research involves using (U-Th)/He thermochronology to unravel the syn- and post-obduction cooling history of ophiolites in western Newfoundland and determine signatures of ophiolite erosion in the sedimentary record.

Anahi Carrera, PhD student , I am interested in using multidisciplinary approaches to study continental and oceanic arc exhumation mechanisms, processes, and volatile cycling. I am currently using thermochronology, geochronology, and geobarometry methods on samples from the Central Aleutian Islands to constrain the exhumation history in order to test the various proposed mechanisms for arc uplift and exhumation. The ultimate goal of my study is to gain insight on the interplay of subduction zone and surface uplift mechanisms. I am also interested in outreach efforts that focus on increasing education and participation of underrepresented minority groups in the geosciences.