I am interested in the role that exhumation and fluid-rock interactions have on tectonic and geochemical processes. I use (U-Th)/He thermochronology, geochemistry, and petrology to 1) date minerals that form during fluid alteration, 2) investigate the geochemical fingerprints of fluid-rock interactions and volatile cycling at different tectonic settings, and 3) constrain the thermal history of convergent and divergent plate margins.

Interested in joining our group? Prospective students and postdocs should email Emily with an introduction and a CV. Prospective graduate students should note that our department no long requires GRE scores and Emily does not either.

Update 2021: Emily will not be accepting prospective students in the 2021-2022 cycle.

Funded research

NSF-OCE-2049940 (2021-2024) “Collaborative Research: Testing the timing and direction of mantle exhumation at the Iberia-Newfoundland margins with low-temperature thermochronology” (Co-PI Mike Eddy, Purdue)

NSF-EAR-2018087 (2020-2023) “Diversifying geochemistry – travel support for students from under-represented constituencies to attend the Goldschmidt Conference”  (Co-PI’s Roberta Rudnick, UCSB; Rachel Bernard, Amherst College; Steve Goldstein, Columbia University)

NSF-EAR-1949148 (2020-2023) “Collaborative Research: Evaluating The Exhumation History of the Aleutians with Zircon And Apatite Thermochronology” (Co-PI Claire Bucholz, Caltech)

Southern California Earthquake Center (2019-2020) “Cosmogenic 3He dating of alluvial surfaces using detrital magnetite enabled by microCT scanning”  (Co-I’s Florian Hofmann, Caltech; Josh West, USC; Ken Farley, Caltech)