Climate Change in the Western US & California

Sarah Feakins
Water Level at the Hoover Dam in 2016

We are researching past climate change in California. The goal is to bring a longer term perspective and to water management. We bring new tools to bear on questions of the severity and processes driving wet and dry cycles in California. Lessons from the past inform discussions of the California’s drought and prognosis for future water scarcity – see press page.

We are reconstructing past climate variability at three sites:

  • Searles Lake, in the Mojave desert, with sediment cores extending to the past warm period 120, 000 years ago.
    • In collaboration with David McGee MIT and Tim Lowenstein SUNY.
  • Zaca Lake, close to the Santa Barbara Basin, with sediment cores capturing high resolution records of the last 3, 000 years.
  • Lake Elsinore, in Riverside County, with sediment cores capturing the last glacial and 30, 000 years.

Zaca Lake, California

Zaca Lake


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