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The research described here has been carried out primarily by Doug Hammond and Jotautas Baronas at the University of Southern California and was made possible by funding from the National Science Foundation - grant 1061700 "Germanium Isotope Systematics in Marine Systems" awarded to DH, as well as research fellowships from GSA, IAGC, and InterRidge awarded to JB. We investigate Ge/Si ratios and Ge isotopes in nature, exploring the factors controlling their fractionation and distribution, and further their potential as proxies for biogeochemical processes.


January 5th 2016 - IFREMER, Brest, France

For 2 months, J.J. Baronas will be joining Olivier Rouxel's lab at IFREMER institute in Brest, France. They will be collaborating on measuring the Ge isotopic composition of multiple river, seawater, and hydrothermal fluid samples from around the globe. J.J. Baronas gratefully acknowledges InterRidge PhD/Postdoc research grant for funding.

January 3rd 2016

A manuscript by Baronas et al. titled "Germanium-silicon fractionation in a river-influenced continental margin: The Northern Gulf of Mexico" has been accepted for publication in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

August 20th 2015 - Prague, Czech Republic

J. J. Baronas gave a talk at the Goldschmidt Conference titled "Multi-Proxy Approach to Investigate Weathering in the Andes-Amazon system".


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Jotautas J. Baronas with the MC-ICP at Oregon State University

Doug Hammond at Mono Lake, CA

Scanning electron micrograph of purified biogenic silica from the Gulf of Mexico sediments