Seismorocco1Structural Seismology and Tectonophysics
My primary research interests as a structural seismologist are in reconstructing the evolution of the dynamic Earth through the study of earthquakes, tectonic processes, and seismic imaging. Much of my work is focused on the three-dimensional structural evolution of the lithosphere and mantle near plate boundaries, such as beneath the western United States, Caribbean, Mediterranean and Indo-Australia, which are all seismically and volcanically active.

Current and recent research projects include:
Using dense seismic arrays to map deep mantle sharp features – funded by NSF Geophysics

Slab structure and dynamics of arcuate shaped subduction zones – NSF CAREER award

Transitions in the Banda Arc-Australia continental collision as a bridge to understanding mantle and lithospheric controls on surface tectonics – funded by NSF Tectonics/Geophysics/Global Venture Fund

Evolution the lithosphere and upper mantle in the westernmost Mediterranean through imaging portable broadband seismometers deployed in Spain and Morocco – funded as part of the NSF Continental Dynamics PICASSO project.

Mapping the Moho depths across faults in Southern California – funded by SCEC.

Evolution of the lithospheric and mantle structure of the Colorado Plateau and surrounding regions using USArray Transportable Array data – funded by the NSF Earthscope program.


Recent funding to establish earthquake monitoring in Timor Leste through Geoscientists Without Borders program.

December 2014 paper in Nature with Alan Levander and co-authors on subduction driven recycling of continental lithosphere.

March 2014 paper in Nature on the dynamics of continental accretion with Louis Moresi, Pete Betts, and Ross Cayley

Banda Arc project blog by postdoc Leland O’Driscoll featured by USC blogs

2014 Geology publication on the Moroccan Atlas Mountains with Thorsten Becker highlighted by Nature Geoscience and featured by USC News

Undergraduate Chris Norwood’s news article on my 2013 Maymester class in Morocco

2012 Nature Geoscience article on the southeastern Caribbean featured by USC News in August 2012

Awarded an NSF CAREER award for 2011-2015

Associate editor for special theme volume in G-Cubed on the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary

2012 G-Cubed publication on the LAB beneath the Western U.S. picked for the Editor’s Highlights

2011 Nature publication and featured News and Views article on delimation beneath the Colorado Plateau

2010 GRL publication on the Canadian craton featured in as a highlight in Science Magazine

2010-2011 NSF EarthScope Seminar Series Speaker

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