People and their current whereabouts (as far as I know):


Post-Doctoral Scholars

 James Hollingsworth, 2012-13
CNRS Researcher, University of Grenoble, France



Graduate Students 

Alexandra Hatem, Ph. D., Expected 8-19
Doctoral Candidate USC


Robert Zinke, Ph. D., Expected 12-18
Doctoral Candidate USC


Chris Milliner, Ph. D., 2017
NPP Post-Doctoral Fellow, NASA JPL


Jessica Grenader, MS., 2016
Geologist, Fugro Consultants, Houston, Texas


Lee McAuliffe, Ph. D., 2014
Senior Geologist, ConocoPhillips, Anchorage, Alaska


Ben Haravitch, MS. 2011
Environmental Geologist, Stantec Consulting, Rochester, NY (and banjo/guitar/bass player for the Crawdaddies and other roots/traditional/folk bands in upstate New York)


Plamen Ganev, Ph. D., 2011
Strategic Planning and Business, Aera Petroleum, Bakersfield, California


Lorraine Leon, Ph. D., 2009
Senior Earth Scientist, Chevron MinNorth America Exploration and Production, Bakersfield, California


Erik Frost, Ph. D., 2009
Engineering Geologist, California Geological Survey, Los Angeles, California


Ozgur Kozaci , Ph. D., 2007
Principal Geologist, InfraTerra Consulting, San Francisco, California


Kurt Frankel, Ph. D., 2007
Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech (deceased 2011)


Ross Hartleb, Ph. D., 2005
Principal Geologist, Lettis Consultants International, Valencia, California


Shari Christofferson, M. S., 2002
President, Mobile Systems Intelligence, Chicago, Illinois


Allan Tucker, M.S., 2000
U.S. Air Force


Kristin Weaver, M.S. 1999
Lecturer, California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, California