About me

I am a research-active Earth scientist currently living in Ōtautahi (Christchurch), Aotearoa (New Zealand). I take the braided river approach to my career. I am very involved in academia, and am actively publishing, collaborating, mentoring, and beginning new projects in the academic Earth science space. Science is fun and I strive to make it a more just, inclusive, and human-centered career (and more sustainable for me!).


I work as a senior consultant at US-based Imaginative Futures, where I work at the intersection of science and policy in areas like space, carbon sequestration, and public health. I entered the consulting space so I could help tackle some of the grand challenges we face, in particular the biodiversity crisis and climate change.


I co-founded and help lead Be Giants Media and I co-host the Being Giants Podcast with the amazing Resherle Verna. Our podcast aims to have conversations about academia that step outside the traditional route of undergraduate–grad student–postdoc–faculty and instead introduces people to the many ways people move in, out, and through academia. We love hearing from listeners and getting recommendations for guests with big ideas and interesting career paths!

Earth science

I am research-active in the Earth science space (isotope and sedimentary geochemistry).  I am currently doing this work unpaid, and appreciate the patience of my colleagues and coauthors! If you are in a position of power (e.g., faculty, administrator, granting institution) I encourage you to facilitate pay for work with people you are working with, as unpaid work perpetuates a ‘plantation’-like system (an excellent phrase from Dr. Monica Cox!) that does not serve science in the long term.

I completed my PhD in Earth science at the University of Southern California in August 2019 and before that majored in marine science, biology, and geology at the University of Miami (completed in 2013); I was born and raised in Austin, Texas.


I try to be in (diving, swimming) or on (kiting, surfing, sailing, kayaking) the water as much as possible. Moving (running, walking, tramping, hiking, biking, snowboarding) and looking at life on this planet of all sizes (animals! plants! fungi!) every day keeps a smile on my face.