Upcoming Events

2021-22 is on!

Join us for discussions, speakers, science policy writing practice, and more! Let’s get everyone to lead a different topic’s discussion.

Fall 2021 Monthly discussion + meetings:

  • October 21st 5pm: wildfire policy. Zoom link here. Read this LA Times article for a primer before the discussion.
  • November (postponed to Dec 2nd): career talk with Manhattan Beach’s Sustainability Manager, Dana Murray

  • January:
    • “Should scientists be reintroducing species?” discussion event

    • Universal Healthcare, single-payer in CA event. MCB 102 3pm

Last year, we talked with speakers about how science how historically has actually been translated into policy and democratization of science. Discussions throughout the semester as well on science policy discussions that we vote on!

We are always looking for more folks to join Science Policy Group! Everyone is welcome to events, and we have four committees that work together to put on events: advocacy, research, internal events, external events.

Email us your interest or hit us up on our Facebook group.

You can become members of the National Science Policy Network through us, with grants, travel stipends, professional development opportunities, and more. 

Subscribe to our our email list to get details on all the events! And as always, let us know if you have an idea for an event or would like to host one!

Contact us: scipol(at) usc (dot) edu

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