Professor of Geological Sciences (Geochemistry)

University of Rochester, B.A., in Chemistry
University of Rochester, M.S. in Geology
Columbia University, Ph.D. in Geology





Recent Projects

Professor Hammond's research interests include the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and nutrients in aqueous systems; the transport of solutes, particles, and pollutants in aqueous environments; gas hydrate geochemisty and studies of diagenesis in sediments. These processes have involved field studies in lacustrine, estuarine, coastal, deep sea, and groundwater environments. A variety of research tools have been utilized, including in situ benthic flux chambers, aqueous and solid phase chemistry, radioisotopes to calibrate transport models, and numerical modeling. Current and recent studies are underway in the Equatorial Pacific, the California Margin, San Francisco Bay, the Adriatic Sea, Mono Lake, and several geothermal systems.

Recent Publications



Doug Hammond
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USC Earth Sciences
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phone: (213) 740-5837
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