Topic 20


Cultural/Historic Influences on Paradigm Shifts III

Scientific Establishment:

There were large scientific laboratories developing for the first time in the late 19th and early 20th Centures. These labs had many working scientists directed by one or two senior scientists. J.J. Thompson is a good example at the Cavandish Laboratory.

The labs competed with one another.

Scientific meetings and publications occurred frequently (every few months) so that the rate of scientific progess was accelerated.

Paradigm shift in quantum mechanics

Bohr atom model is wrong but it is much easier to understand and has predictive capability even today.

Elements of quantum mechanics were developed piece-meal and not always understood or appreciated until other ideas developed which better explained them.


The Effects of 20th Century Science on Non-Science

Several scientists tried to apply ideas of quantum mechanics to fields outside traditional science.

studies of human dynamics

studies of human psyche (explanation of Freud)

Astrology was lost as an accredited field of science.


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